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March 3, 2011
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Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day here in Georgia and everyone has the day off from school.  I had a meeting with the Minister of Education & Science of Georgia today with all the other people in my region.  It was mostly Q & A.  The minister seems like a really swell guy.  If i were a citizen and he ran for president, he’d have my vote.  He worked under John McCain at one point of his career.  After the meeting a bunch of us went out for dinner.  Delicious food.  Funny people.  Great time.

On Saturday I ‘couch-surfed’ a guy from Germany.  He claimed to be a master of bio-computing, an organic farmer, & only 90% heterosexual.  I told him he was a true scientist at heart & it was time for me to go to bed.  An interesting experience to say the least.

Sunday, I spent the day with my friend Nini & will see her again this Sunday.  She’s a great girl with a very open mind, unlike most of her countrymen.

Monday I had class which went well.  In the evening I saw off one of my buddies, Allen.  I haven’t known the man very long but I love him like a brother & consider him one of my best friends.  He’s a righteous man who applies himself more than most people.  He’s the one that got me into karate, which I mostly use for lifting weights, now… when I go.  Anyway, as I was saying goodbye to Allen, I got phone call from my Georgian friend, Dato.

“Can you come to studio?” he said.  He was talking about the music studio he has recently been inviting me to.  He records demos which his friends who work at the studio then take and make real classy & professional.  It’s good stuff.  They are fine producers.  A few weeks ago I played a couple of songs for a sound engineer who was pleased.  So when Dato called I wasn’t  being invited for another ‘listen session,’ I was being summoned to play my music.  When I entered the room, there was a stage full of musicians with violins, guitars, drums, & a shaker.  Ya know, ya shake it and it’s got beads inside.  I sat down.  Shota, the bassist came to me with guitar in hand & handed it over saying, “play your songs, please.”  I began to play my newest, Drops Like Stars, a song about being in Georgia.  One by one they started joining in & before I knew what was happening, i had a full band accompanying me to my own song.  It was amazing & so many other marvelous adjectives.  I think I love the violin more than the guitar.  I finished & played one more, A Whole New Way.  It’s a bluesy one.  When we got to the violin solo, which the guy fiddled with ease, I was tempted to drop the real one and substitute the air-guitar so I could dance.  It was the best musical moment of my life.  And it segued into another great one.  When I finished this song, the producer asked me if I wanted to play my own concert in Kutaisi & if I wanted the band to back me up.  I told him a thousand times, yes.  I don’t know when it will be or if it will actually happen but the producer said it would be so.  I’m pretty happy as is, just jamming my tunes with the group.  I can’t express how wonderful it was to here that fiddle shredding to m’ song.   Best    Sound    Ever.

There & Then: The Tales of Israel will be continued soon.


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